Do Not Hold It In !

Something on your mind that is really bothering you? You have no one to talk too? Is it hurting you so bad that you aren’t able to get anything done?… Well holding it in is the worst thing you can do. If the situation is to deep for you to tell anyone…write! Write the situation down. Create a plan for you to get over the situation. Whatever you do don’t hold it in. Writing can help you out of any situation. If you decide to hold something in for so long to only hurt yourself than you don’t love yourself. Usually people who hold soo much in blow up at the wrong time. They may take their anger out on someone that has been nothing but good to them. You can not hold anything in. I am telling you this to help you. Problems in peoples lives varies from person to person. So maybe I havn’t been through what you’ve been through. But I know any situation I’ve been through I never held it in and I am worry free. I have not blew up on anyone. I know someone who held all their pain in, they didn’t talk to anyone, they didn’t pick up a hobby, nothing! And they actually shot somebody. The person didn’t deserve to be shot. But someone’s pain took them to that point. Do not hold your pain in it will only bring you down. You can not let your pain over power you. I write and I dance. I have power over myself. Do you have power over yourself?


What’s real competition ?

What’s real competition? Most definitely not your enemy! Real competition is within. Too many people competing with other human beings when their biggest competition is they self. Life is not a sport! The only person you should be competing with is yourself! If you challenge yourself to do better you will than realize that you are competing against the person you were before. Not a enemy…YOU! If you choose to be in competition with someone in every single thing they do you will begin to forget who you are. You will forget your purpose because you are becoming them. Don’t put yourself in that situation. Push the one in the mirror! You are your biggest competition!

The hardest decision you will have to make…

I could go on and on with this topic. We have to make hard decisions just about everyday. I’m going to choose 1 hardest decision you’ll have to make though. That is forgiving someone. Most people hold grudges. Some just don’t know how to forgive and move forward. Some people are so hurt by what the other person did that they’re not even thinking about forgiving them. You will not be at peace if you do not forgive. No matter if the situation is at level one or ten you have to learn to forgive. If you feel you need a understanding of the situation talk with the person. If you and the person aren’t talking that is fine too. Still your job is to forgive them and move forward. How can I say it like it’s so easy? It is! Would you rather worry or have power? Worrying yourself about the situation will only bring you down. The other person is moving forward because they already realized their mistake and they’re making corrections in their life. But you will have the power if you forgive and move forward. So make it a easy decision! Choose to forgive. Be at peace and have absolutely no worries. : )

The time is NOW !

What’s one of our biggest problems as teens and adults?… Procrastination! Procrastination is a step to getting you ten steps behind. We have to discipline ourselves to not hold back. Take risk! Go with your first instinct. The time is now! The time is now to take procrastination out of our mindset. Once you know you have to do something do it right then! Don’t even fix your mouth to say you’ll do it tomorrow! The time is now! If you want a lifetime of success you should be taking steps now to get there. It is your time to shine! Stop letting procrastination get you to say you’ll do it tomorrow, than next week, than next month…Now! Today! Is the start of the path of success.

Should you be afraid of death?

Are you afraid of death? You’d prolly say of course ! The real question here is should you be afraid? The answer…NO! Everyday you should live it as if its your last. Once it’s your time to go their is nothing you can do about it. No I’m not saying this to scare you. I’m telling you this to help you. A Buddhist quote says “One who has lived wisely should not fear death” that is one of my favorite quotes. It’s true! If you put your all into everyday you live! If you live everyday without worry and regret. You will not fear death. You will leave this world in peace. Everything you do starts with you! When do you think It’s the right time to start living? The time is now!