The Process…

Imagine working hard for something you’ve always wanted and it vanished. Not vanished in reality but in your mind. See this is where we mess up because if one thing goes wrong we think it’s over completely. Um it’s not! I want to share a story with you all. I will keep it short and straight to the point… My book titled “I Was Being Realistic” was done beginning of last year. It was set to be released April 2014. I put my heart into this book. It’s a piece of me. I had someone invest in it and it was a deal gone bad. You know they said they would do this and that they were not meeting deadlines it was a total screw up. In the mist of things all my books were destroyed and my final draft file had been deleted. I felt so miserable, depressed. Even though the book wasn’t the only thing I was working on it was my introduction to the business world. You know I started to eat a lot gained 20 pounds I was loosing myself. You may think it’s not a big deal but working so hard for something and it’s taken away from you hurts. After a month I knew it was time I pull myself together. I started with watching The Secret again. Make sure you watch it, it’s on Netflix. Then watching Eric Thomas and other motivational videos. At first in my mind my dreams had vanished but I changed my thoughts back positive. I imagined in my mind getting shit done! I took the proper steps. I’m going to be honest I hate working for people. But I realized I needed to invest in myself. I got a factory job only took $50 out every week for myself, gas, food etc. The rest I put away. I did this for a whole year never told a soul. I worked hella overtime my lowest check was $655. In the process I would come home and work on my book and try and come up with ideas for additional income. One which I cannot speak on but it will be in my book Chapter 9. 😊! My energy started to get so crazy I was ready to go to work and get off and beat on my craft. Obviously I rewrote my book which is now 10 times better. I decided to do self publishing with help from some colleagues. My official release date is July 27th 2016. If you keep that dream in your mind. If you visualize things how you want them to be. If you work hard. If you invest in yourself. If the frequency matches those positive thoughts you’re unstoppable. You’re extremely powerful and anything is possible. I’m excited for you all to see everything I have coming. It’s well overdue but it’s my time. I’m only 22 ! Millionaire by 25 ! My parents will be retired by the time I’m 30. I’m doing this for me. ❤️


Who Are We?

Who are we? Who are you? Have you tried to figure it out? Most people will wait and wait, but why wait. We are the creators of our life. We have absolutely everything we need to create our realities. Some people will tell you you cannot do that you don’t have enough money, laugh at you…etc. But who are they to tell you what you can do and they never even tried. And if they did try, failed and gave up! But thats not who you are in fact thats not who we are. We are designed to go through the toughest things. We are strong! And if we fall we must get back up! We are strong women…strong men. I talk to many people. I hear their stories, past and present. And the strength in others allows me to be stronger. We are human beings that have the power to be anything we want to be. Today should be the day that you change your life for the better. And once you change in a positive way you will notice how things in your life become better. You will find out who you really are. If you don’t know your gift, find it! Try different things,  learn new things. Its not hard at all. You got a dream… chase it! Do everything to get it! Create that everyday drive of I will not stop no matter what! I am tired of people saying ugh ! I dont want to go to work, I hate my job!…etc. Stop complaining and create a better life for yourself…do some soul searching. Find out who you are. If you do what you love you will not complain and you will have a better life…Even when I see someone talking or being negative I always know theirs something more.  Theirs always something better. We are positive,  wise, beautiful,  handsome, smart, happy, wealthy,  kind, giving,  ambitious, loving and most of all we are strong…all of us!

I Create My Reality !

Today is my 1 year anniversary for my blogs. I am extremely proud of myself. Not going to lie when I first started writing I did not think I would get so much support. I’m in love with what I do…Inspire. I read my stats for my blog at least once a week. My blog is being viewed not only in the U.S but out of the country as well. I would not have ever thought. Not many people have the proper guidance when following their dreams. So I believe that’s my job. It all started with me watching a video called, “The Secret.” Changed my life for ever! Check it out on YouTube if you’ve never seen it. I learned a lot about The Secret and I applied it. I visualized my life the way I want it to be and I’m seeing beautiful change. You have to be willing to change the way you think. Positivity is key! Not going to lie I don’t go a day without hearing something negative about myself. If I cared what people thought about me I would not be in the position I’m in. I have power over myself. I don’t let a negative thought enter my mind. I create my reality with my thoughts and actions. If I see it in my head and I want it I will get it! My blogs created a great path for me. Not only am I inspiring others but I am inspiring myself to go harder. I have a big project in the works and the announcement will be made on Christmas. With everything going on in my life I try to stay as humble as possible. It is a little hard for me because I come from a place full of negativity. So when I see myself doing great I want to talk about it. I make power moves and I cannot see why people can be mad at that when they can be doing the same thing. We all are meant to be great! When creating your reality you have to be willing to first decide what you want. Start writing things down and most importantly…visualize. If you see yourself in a great position that’s where you will be. You have to believe and stop letting what others say take over your life. I can say these things because I’m a witness. My life is changing dramatically. You all only see a little from social networks but behind the scenes I’m grinding heavy. My hard work is paying off and you will see that. I’m not afraid to take risk, I act immediately. I go with my gut feeling. I will be great…excuse me…I am great! I create my reality through speaking things into existence. Try it! You will not be disappointed. I feel so amazing and I just want everybody to have this feeling. And than those negative people say “she act like life so easy, she doing this and that, how you think you can inspire me?” Sorry to break it to you but life is meant to be great. It all depends on you. You create your reality and it’s just that simple. Watch The Secret, read The Secret… When I think about life I put pictures in my head and how it should be. I stick with those pictures to create my day and days ahead. It works! I have came such a long way. My mindset is on another level. Did I tell y’all I was only 20? Yeah it’s something to be happy about. If I don’t inspire you now I bet you by the time I am 25 you will follow every step I made to get where ill be. Your time is now! Ask, Believe, Receive! Take action! Take Risk! History in the making! Thanks for all of the support!