How You Gone Judge Me? (RUGS)

What kills me is a person hating on someone that’s doing better than them. How can you hate on someone that’s doing great in life? How can you hate on someone that is happy? I’ve been following this guy on Instagram for a while now. I call him Rugs but his Instagram name is mrrugs_. His pictures motivate me. When I see someone that is happy I want to know more about them. Maybe they could give me tips in life how to be better. I saw a couple people talking negative about him and I’m thinking in my head like they don’t even know him personally. They just saying what they heard or what they think. People hate on him because he’s living a great life. I had the privilege of speaking with Rugs. I asked him a few questions. He was born in Brooklyn NY 10/29/84. Rugs is a Brand Ambassador “Dusse” / promoter. Dusse is Jay-Z’s liquor. My new favorite drink if I may add. I wanted to know a little more about Rugs not just about “Dusse” so I asked him, “Whats the hardest thing you ever been through?” He replied, “My brothers passing.” I know it’s hard to get through a situation like that. Especially if it’s someone as close as a brother. I couldn’t even imagine but I know that Rugs is strong…Since it’s so many people who clearly want to be like Rugs I asked him about the advice he would give to those trying to live the life he lives. He said, “Do what you love, stick to what makes you happy, everything will fall into place.” Who can be mad at that? Great advice! In fact I use this everyday. I noticed that some people cannot deal with the negative things said about them so I asked Rugs how does he do it. He responded, “I ignore most of it. My reputation stems from my childhood antics. I was reckless yeah, I admit that. I’ve learned to choose my battles and respond appropriately…but I am not about provoking shit anymore. I am maturing.” Sounds good to me. If you’re someone out there that has trouble dealing with the hate or negativity the best thing to do is teach yourself to ignore it or use it as motivation. I choose to do both. People we have to do better. If we want to make it to that next level in life we have to stop putting each other down. Lets be happy in what we do and get money. Thanks to Rugs I am on the right track and I am doing what I love and I am the best at it! And for those talking negative about me I really ain’t hearing it ! Rugs next big event is his All Black Affair 10/29/13. Yess I will definitely be there! Make sure you’re sipping right #dusselife.