A Boy Told Me…

A boy told me wait up for me.
A boy did not show up.
A boy said you are the only one.
A boy had more than one.
A boy said I love you.
A boy did not mean it.
A boy said when we moving together?
A boy is planing to move with someone else.
A boy says he’s honest.
A boy is not!
A boy blah blah blah!!!!!!
The difference between a boy and a man, very clear…one speaks one shows. An average girl cannot tell the difference but a woman ohh she knows. But us women have such big hearts we let the boys in and try to see if they can be molded. We give ourselves headaches than wanna blame them. LOL it ain’t they fault it’s ours. Females are extremely smart and I don’t understand why we put ourselves through the many things we go through but guess what, it’s time for a change. Get on your shit! Do what you love! And light will be attracted to you. If that guy you so in love with doesn’t notice you’re a great woman and is giving you more pain than love he does not deserve you. Accept the situation as is and move forward. Tired of seeing women be weak. I’m not average you not average so act like it! I bumped my head a few times I’d admit but I’m young. And no I’m not making an excuse I’ve learned. But I see women 40 and up blaming men. Maybe he’s old, maybe he’s young, maybe he’s not ready, maybe he’ll never be ready, maybe he’s stuck in the past. Whatever the case, don’t be so down on yourself because of the person you’re trying to pursue. I think people get so involved with giving so many chances, crying and asking the guy to love them being mad at other girls the guy mess with etc that they forget to put more into they self. You putting more negative energy into the situation it’s not going to get better. Put more into you! Positivity is key. Balance is key. Do what’s best for you first and the rest will follow…I promise. We are phenomenal ladies! Now is the time to do better. P.S I’m going to take my own advice, know that! 😉