Free Album (DC3) !

We’ve all been waiting on DC3 ! It’s here and I must say it’s a free album. I did not skip one track. Hearing the little snippets Meek Mill posted on his Instagram got me extremely excited to hear “Make Me.” We all have haters and most of us let our haters determine how we feel. That could be a good thing if we let what they say make us go harder. The song Make Me makes me feel like I’m in a position of Power. The song actually pushed me to go on with a new project that is now in full effect. I call DC3 my motivation mixtape. Diddy and Birdman appeared on the mixtape. Talking they stuff! They can do that because they worked hard for what they have. Don’t hate just work harder to get to where you want to be. It’s great to see Omelly featured on a couple songs. I knew he was in the studio going hard and the end result…amazing! The Lil Snupe Skit hit me hard. He was so talented and I hate that he had to leave so soon. I’m glad that Meek included the skit on the mixtape. Right now I’m hearing a lot of people talk about the track “Heaven or Hell.” I love it ! Guordan’s soulful voice really reels you in, and hearing Jadakiss come in…FIRE! At first Meek postponed the release of DC3 but he did it so it would be exactly how he wanted it. I know what it takes to put something great together…it’s hard work and dedication. Meek is so dedicated and hungry he spends most of his time in the studio. If you want something you got to go get it! I feel that it’s dumb for people to hate on someone for sharing their joys. Once before he did not have anything now because of hard work he has what he thought he would never have. After seeing how hard Meek went for DC3, from studio snippets to listening to it I’m proud to say he should be beyond proud of hisself. Work hard to get what you want. Dream Chasers never sleep! #DC3


Dream Chasers Summit !

Wow ! Where do I start? Well I believe that the DcSummit definitely put me on another level. I will thank everyone who I learned from on the panel at the end of this blog. I know that you all will be truly inspired. First things first, decide what it is you want to do. Next, DO IT! Not saying you can just hop once and be at the top, but take steps to get it ! Create your goals remain focused and take action! I learned that Hunger is one very important thing when going for what you want. Want it so bad that you feel it in your bones that you already have it. The same drive you start with keep it! You cannot start off great and start slacking. It doesn’t work like that. Stay consistent ! When you choose what it is that you want to do. Learn everything about it. The insides the outs. Absolutely everything! If you work with people and they are below you, show respect ! You never know, they can be working harder than you ! Next thing you know they can be ahead and treat you just as bad as you treated them. Another thing I learned is to be more than the usual. Why be like someone else when you can be you? Show off your strengths. Show how you are different from others. It will attract all the right people to you. I’m talking big business ! I cannot count how many people came up to me and asked me what did I do for a living because I dressed nice at the summit and I took notes. It was an amazing feeling. I made people smile yesterday and I really just came there to gain knowledge. But it showed me how bad I want it! They talked about technology a lot at the summit. Basically it’s expanding and you are going to need it no matter what you’ll be doing. Social networks are important when promoting yourself! So yes have Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine and others. Who will promote yourself better than you do? Uh nobody ! Show who you are, and don’t change unless you are bettering yourself. Everyone on the panel said that balance is key. And it is because if you don’t have balance then you pretty much fucked! Excuse my language but we have to learn all these things that will put us in a position we’ve always wanted to be in. One of the things that stuck out to me the most was when they said “Stay loyal to your gut.” That gut feeling is everything! If you feeling it pursue it, if the first feeling is negative throw it out the window! I learned this from so many events though. Stick with that gut feeling, always! Determination plays a big part when chasing a dream. You have to know and feel that you have it in the bag! Which brings me to confidence. Someone on the panel said “Keep the mindset that you are the best at what you do.” That’s very true! Feel that way, and guess what? You will be the best ! Once you choose what it is you want to do it’s going to be amazing to see yourself grow. The harder you work the faster it’ll come. You will become your position. Work on your craft daily ! Everyday all day! Get better! Be great! Anything is possible ! Don’t just say it, do it! When you create your goals decide how far you want to go. Theirs people who create goals do it and decide that they found something else they like. Just last year I figured out exactly what it is I wanted to do, and now I’m getting it !!!! I said that to ask the question, what is making it to you? Everyone will have a different answer for this. Mines? Making it to me is showing my family I really could do it. Making it is giving my haters a hard time trying to figure out the next bad thing to say about me cause they can’t think of anything, making it to me is no worries pure happiness, making it to me is wealth! To me making it is bigger then fame ! I want to make the people I write blogs for the superstar. If you’re reading this you are the star ! I just gave you info to take that next step, it’s about you living a life worth living ! Which brings me to strength when chasing a dream. If you are not strong you will fail. I’m sorry but it’s the truth. It will be people who talk bad about you, you may make a few mistakes but you cannot let them break you. You have to keep going !!!! Stay positive ! The power is within yourself ! Marsha Ambrosius said “When your wanting to sleep understand that someone else is willing to do your job.” Yes! She’s telling the truth though. It’s time to grind !!!!! I’ve had 3 hours of sleep in two days because I am chasing my dream. The grind does not stop! I can say so much more about the DCSUMMIT but you just had to be there. I would like to thank Meek Mill and D Waiters for putting an amazing event together. It changed my life for the better. I want to thank Rick Ross, Geoff Gordan, Noel Lee, Julius Erving, Marsha Ambrosius, Sean Garret and the other panelist…CHASE YOUR DREAMS!