What is Love Now Days?

What is love now days? Are people wrong for loving others in their own way? What happened to the love from years and years ago? I see my grandparents and all their love does is grow. People using the word with no meaning. Especially when they’re inside of a woman and she’s screaming. Love now days is just a word. And relationships are broken because of he say she say and I heard. What is love? Shouldn’t be different definitions. Some people say it’s a feeling and others just say it knowing somebody is listening. But why lead someone on when you have other intentions your meaning of love has another description. My strength enables me to love again after what I’ve been through because I know someone has the same definition as I do. Don’t miss out on the great feeling of love…the real thing and don’t you ever get confused with the truth and what it may seem. ❤️


Difference Between Living and Surviving !?!

Really what’s the difference? It’s a HUGE difference. Now if you aren’t a dreamer or if you don’t want better for your life this blog is not for you. Let’s talk about surviving first. Yes we are all survivors of something. Are you working just to pay bills? Of course that is not the goal but is that what you’re doing? We were not put here to work to pay bills and have nothing left afterwards. We are all here to serve our purpose and utilize our gifts. Just surviving isn’t enough! And you should not be settling. So here’s a start ask yourself, what do I love to do? What am I good at? What makes me smile? And it may not be right now but you will find your gift. I always say follow your bliss and when you follow your bliss it won’t be called work anymore you will enjoy what you’re doing and you won’t be just surviving. Living! What’s living? May be different for you but living to me is many things. Living to me is waking up excited about what the day will bring. I’m not waking up saying ughhhh I hate this job! Living to me is waking up and saying, think I’m going to go to Paris this week. Living is grinding for your vision and making it visible to all. Living to me is retiring both of my parents by the time I’m 30. Living ahhhh Living is doing whatever it is you want to do. Stop the limitations! We have no limits! Dream big! And I’m not saying it’ll be easy in fact it’s going to be hard. But you will make your dreams reality and you will be stronger than ever! Now follow your bliss I’m tired of you complaining about your job, I’m tired of the crying cause you don’t have extras to do what you want too. LIVE! Everyday is not promised. ❤️