imageimageimageimageI want to introduce you all to the handsome and creative Rahlou who goes by Lougotcash. He is a 18 year old rapper from South Jamaica, Queens. He moved to Warner Robins, Georgia in 2010 with his father. He was inspired to rap because of his Mother and Father. His father who I’m sure you’re familiar with 😊 “Pretty Lou” from the Lost Boyz. His inspiration also came from wanting to get out of the hood, death and incarceration of childhood friends. We all go through things that make us want to do more or be better. This is where Rahlou began making a way for himself. He returned to Queens, Ny March 28, 2016 where his music had began to expand after a hit single “Pipe down” ft Bizz Gotti recorded in platinum sounds studios. This song is going crazy right now! Power 105.1 DJ self has the single “pipe down” in rotation. So if you’re in New York don’t be surprised if you turn on the radio and hear this dope track. His Instagram, Soundcloud and Spinrilla is Lougotcash. He has a new mixtape titled LounitedStatesofAmerica. I would not send you all in the wrong direction. Go listen now! Lougotcash is consistent with his music. He is inspired by the artist Meek Mill and Lil Durk. They inspire him the most because they really came from nothing he feels like they speak for him at times. Recently Lougotcash attended club Aces where Meek Mill was hosting. Meek asked for a LounitedStatesofAmerica CD. If that isn’t an amazing start I’m not sure what is. Rahlou is definitely going places. He works hard. This is something he is passionate about. His mission is to stay focused, create dope music, and inspire upcoming rappers. I can tell you right now his music will play in your head all day. As I’m writing this I can hear his song Pipe Down in my head. 😊 Check Lougotcash out now! 


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