To Be Honest…

To be honest nobody really knows the real me. My past situations made me this great person I am today. Sounds crazy but I love the struggle. I think about things I’ve been through and I’m like wow you been through that? You know I listen to my friends and others pain and in my mind I’m like that’s it? That’s nothing! At the same time pain is pain. Everybody handles it different. Crying, suicide, fighting, etc! What is the right way? I mean I can’t really tell you that but I’ll tell you my way that has me still standing. I’ve said it plenty of times these bad things that are happening are happening to build your strength. No matter how great things may seem no life is perfect. Well it really is perfect if you look at it my way but bad things will happen. These bad things are preparing you for great things. I hear people say well bad things keep happening like theirs no grace period. Bad things keep happening because you aren’t learning or growing from the situation. Every “Bad Thing” is to test your strength. If you aren’t getting better which you should be the test will reappear. Everything really does happen for a reason mainly to open your eyes to new possibilities. If you actually knew events that occurred in my life you’d wonder how I’m still standing (which you will in my book that comes out July 27, 2016). Everything improves my growth. I’m always learning always growing. My first message here is to tell you to man tf up! Be stronger! Everybody seems weak these days. Like why let a woman or man define you? Your power is that no one else is like you use it to your advantage people. But I’m not done ☝️. To be honest I’m confused on why people watch others live their dream and they aren’t doing anything to make theirs happen. People think I tell others to quit their 9-5 im not saying that. Working any job is fine. Especially when you’re working the job to build your brand or to live the life you imagine. But to work to just pay bills no! Our purpose is to serve our purpose. I think everyone has a gift and its your desicion to figure out what it is. I recommend you learn all you can read books watch motivational videos look up someone who’s done great in your area of interest. I recommend everybody read Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I recommend you all to watch The Secret full movie on YouTube. These things changed my life forever. Am I perfect? Hell no! I go through bs all the time but I just know how to deal with it. I’m not worried about things people say about me. Why are you? My life goal is to live the life I imagine. If you have the mindset that it’s possible you will make it happen period! Serve your purpose!…To Be Continued… 


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