Who Cares What They Think (Part1)

It’s somebody for everybody or is everybody for everybody take my girl to dinner or show my pride at a party so stuck on what everybody has to say only giving 50 when she’s giving 100% everyday I know the right thing to do but my niggas and the Otha chicks saying something too she a hoe she did this she not for you my girl saying niggas tried but couldn’t get through my girl said chicks just mad truth be told my girl is bad 😏 she has style, energy and vibe that can’t be describe the good outweighs the bad I know she down to ride when we aren’t together I’m back to ol me being the guy Otha chicks like to see my past and generation messed me up I like to go to the club show my money get me a chick and bust a nut I think to myself who am I really doing this for? Trying to impress other niggas when I should want more. Really think about it that’s what we do but its boss chicks out there that look at us like fools. My girl sees that I can be better I’m only thinking about right now she thinking about forever she gone be the one to help me get to the next level and shake this crazy generation Devils as men we should stand up I mean man up cause this life we living full of pride its something made up somebody lied work hard, get money, take care of your family and treat your woman right and I guarantee you won’t be worried and you’ll sleep well at night ! 


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