Vibe With Me…

It brings you peace no matter the circumstances. Gives you this feeling that you have unlimited chances. When you have it you can sense it wherever you go and people who are unaware are curious to know. Curious to know why you act the way you do why you look at people in their eyes when they’re standing next to you. How you know someones whole life by closing your eyes and walking pass how you see straight through them even with their happy mask. Meet someone with the same thing as you the connection will remain the soul is attained. This it this thing I’m talking about is VIBE I need it like air it keeps me alive. It’s good and bad vibes take your pick but from my vibe you can tell Im not your average chick. Vibing with me will change your life my energy will calm you and youll notice everythings alright. Vibe with me and you will see that those good vibes will put you exactly where you need to be.


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