When You Get Confused…

I sometimes get these moments when I can’t decide on something or I’m lost because of what someone has said to me. Than in my mind a million thoughts are rushing through my head. I know for a fact everyone has those moments. So what can we do about it? Sometimes you have to write it out. Ask for others advice. Others that you can depend on. If you are lost because what someone has said to you ask them what they meant. I don’t know why we are so afraid to ask questions. If they don’t give you an exact answer move forward. We get so stuck on lil negatives we make it more than what it is and turn it into a big negative. Work through the confusion. It’s time for us to stop becoming prisoners of our thoughts. They should not be controlling us. Don’t beat yourself up when you get confused. Try different things to work through it. Good day people !


Nobody or Somebody ?

I really don’t understand why it’s so important for us to prove ourselves to other people. When really we should be just worrying about pushing the one in the mirror and proving to ourselves that we can be better. If you wanna prove to someone you are somebody go put on a suit and walk around in a busy city. Other people will think you’re somebody or you have a good job etc. But what will you get out of that if you aren’t actually trying to be somebody? Nothing!!! You’re wasting energy trying to prove that you are someone and you are no one until the one in the mirror is making changes to be better. Whatever your goal and dreams are do it for yourself. You will began to notice differences when you stop trying to prove. Once you do it for yourself it’s no more trying to prove. Everyone around will notice your work ethic they will see the changes you’ve made. You will be great! Every morning you wake up look in the mirror and say, “I am somebody and only person I have something to prove to is myself!” It’s time for a change people don’t make it so hard on yourself. We are somebody!!!

Down to Earth ! (Mandeecees)

This by far has been one of my greatest interviews. Not many know all the positives about Mandeecees because people are so concerned about the drama. I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with him. Mandeecees Harris is from Harlem, New York. I asked him was it hard growing up? He said, Absolutely! I grew up in the projects it was real rough! So than it made me ask what’s the hardest thing you ever been through? He said, “My family breaking up because of my mother being on drugs, but eventually other family members stepped up and we got through it.” Now I know you all watch Love & Hip Hop. I see Mandeecees and the first thing I think is HUMBLE. So I asked him, how do you remain humble with everything else going on around you? He said, “For the most part it’s like growing up not having to getting to a point where I have it now it’s always appreciated I know nobody owes me anything so I’m just grateful for every little thing.” I see him even though I didn’t really know him and you can tell that he has grown as a man and being humble helped him get to where he is. I asked Mandeecees who’s the biggest influence on your life? He said, “My mom because she got through her hard times she been positive almost 20yrs now I see her grind everyday she’s one of them.” “Also outside of my mom I’ll say like Jay-Z cause he from the projects and what he accomplished today it just gives us hope that anybody can do it.” And that’s right no matter how young or how old no matter where you come from anything is possible! I asked Mandeecees, what do you want people to know about you that they don’t know? He said, “I’m not like a talkative person but I’m trying now being that this whole camera thing this tv and movie thing I’m just learning to get comfortable with it and talking in front of crowds.” Where do you see yourself in the next five years? He said, “Shiddd Hopefully not in jail (knock on wood) I mean I’m still fighting this case so hopefully not there I wanna see myself alive and healthy and with my kids.” Nobody can argue with that! What’s the advice you’ll give to someone trying to make their dreams reality? He said, “Never Give Up!” “Believe in God, pray, act on what you speak and start taking baby steps crawl into that direction if you have too if you want to be a rapper hang out at the studio listen to beats write, if you wanna be a doctor go to school start reading books take steps to your dreams and goals and it makes it that easy to accomplish it stay consistent and never give up.” You know, I’m listening to him give me these answers and I could really tell that not many if any media person has ever tried to show the positive side to him. Mandeecees is very down to earth I spoke with him for about 3 hours. What touched me the most was that we have the same beliefs. So if theirs negative energy that’s what you’re putting out to the universe and that’s what you are getting you’re getting the negative. But if you can remain positive and find the positive in even bad situations you will realize your growth will be remarkable ! Most people that judge you don’t know much about you so if you’re willing to judge your best bet is to get to know the person first. And I did! Mandeecees is a very good man and he spoke from the bottom of his heart. I will never forget this day and if I can share more with you all I will. He has some major things coming up, stay tuned. Never Give Up! Yo Mandeecees! Part 2 ?

Don’t Feed Fear!

What are you afraid of? Why aren’t you moving forward? What’s holding you back? Often we cannot move forward because we won’t break away from what’s holding us back. Everyone is different. But I know for sure that if you feed into it or give more negative energy into whatever it is you are making it grow. Next thing you know you will be putting off the things that will create your amazing reality. I see people feeding their fears everyday. Don’t even let fear step into your mind. Cause once it’s there and you dwell on it will grow tremendously. So now is the time for you to stop feeding fear and move forward. Again guys we are the creators of our own reality. Stay positive! And always remember your feelings cause your thoughts and your thoughts create your reality !

The Get Back !

It took a lot for me to get back to this point. And I’m going to get straight to it. I stepped away from my blogs so I could complete my book. It took for someone to tell me about myself to realize that was not an excuse. If you are a dreamer, if you are hungry, if you are an entrepreneur you will not be just doing one thing at a time. That’s when I came down on myself, really upset because I could be way further than I am. But in order for us to move forward we have to learn to forgive ourselves and accept what has been done. I’ve learned a very valuable lesson. Now I’m more ready than ever. I go through my favorites on Twitter and the feedback I received from my blogs man it’s an amazing feeling. Starting today I will post a blog everyday you guys can send me topics but I will still be doing them on different people and events. I’m excited for this new and approved journey. I hope you all are too. I would like to take this time to say thank you to my close friend Zay. He keeps me on my toes at all times. I attached a text he sent me that put me exactly where I need to be…right here ! Your daily motivation will be right here everyday. Talk to you tomorrow.