My City !

My City! My City! No matter what we all love coming or being home. Home is really where the heart is. I can go away for weeks and have the time of my life and come home to Dayton, Ohio and still feel on top of the world. But that’s only because I know how to deal with what I’m surrounded by, negative or positive. But do you ? I doubt it. We let what others say determine our actions and never listen to ourselves. When I’m home theirs so much negativity. Not saying great things don’t happen in my city because great things do happen and their are positive people. What I am saying is we don’t support each other enough. Some down people of their dreams when they don’t think that they are capable themselves. I see someone doing great in my city and I’m like they doing the damn thing, proud of them. But their are those who will say, how they do that? Somebody helped them! That ain’t shit! You know how he/she got that right?…ETC ! Where’s the support ? If it is someone’s dream let them live it ! This goes for every city. Now is the time for us all to come together and lift each other up when we are down. Give encouragement. If we are all building together, who can stop us? Ugh Nobody !!!! I think about those who tell me I cannot do something and I’m like how can you say that. How come I can’t? Anything is possible ! I create my reality the way I want it to be. I’m not living my life miserable. Those who down others dreams are those who don’t have a vision for themselves. But one can always be created. The love I have for my city is exactly the type of love everyone else should have for their city. But I am sick and tired of the pain we put each other through. You mad someone else getting money? Why? You can get money too! You mad cause someone is traveling? You can travel too? You talking down on someone living their dream? Why? Create your happiness yourself. You down talking someone and what their doing is not going to stop them or put you in a better position. In fact it will push them to be and do better. It takes less energy to support, more energy to hate. Get inspired by the positive things in your city. Try expanding the minds of those who are being negative. Work together! My city is small but I often think about the what ifs. Could we go without violence for months in my city? Could we hold peaceful events every week? Could we share are dreams with each other without a negative comment being said? Truth is…yea we could. But it will have to be done together. I have a idea. Lets try to do something that will make a difference in our city everyday. It can be big or small. Pick up trash, ask to shovel someone’s driveway free of charge, help someone elderly, volunteer somewhere, give some positive advice, write a positive letter to a company, help an organization, give! For once let’s just put a smile on someone’s face and not even think a negative thought. The time is now. I am from Dayton, Ohio and I believe that change can be made. Love.