Who Are We?

Who are we? Who are you? Have you tried to figure it out? Most people will wait and wait, but why wait. We are the creators of our life. We have absolutely everything we need to create our realities. Some people will tell you you cannot do that you don’t have enough money, laugh at you…etc. But who are they to tell you what you can do and they never even tried. And if they did try, failed and gave up! But thats not who you are in fact thats not who we are. We are designed to go through the toughest things. We are strong! And if we fall we must get back up! We are strong women…strong men. I talk to many people. I hear their stories, past and present. And the strength in others allows me to be stronger. We are human beings that have the power to be anything we want to be. Today should be the day that you change your life for the better. And once you change in a positive way you will notice how things in your life become better. You will find out who you really are. If you don’t know your gift, find it! Try different things,  learn new things. Its not hard at all. You got a dream… chase it! Do everything to get it! Create that everyday drive of I will not stop no matter what! I am tired of people saying ugh ! I dont want to go to work, I hate my job!…etc. Stop complaining and create a better life for yourself…do some soul searching. Find out who you are. If you do what you love you will not complain and you will have a better life…Even when I see someone talking or being negative I always know theirs something more.  Theirs always something better. We are positive,  wise, beautiful,  handsome, smart, happy, wealthy,  kind, giving,  ambitious, loving and most of all we are strong…all of us!