Twisted Gathering (Frito)

To many he is known as Mr.Clean the infamous promotion guru. A Third of the Money P Ent team. But to family and friends he’s known as Frito a young entrepreneur on the rise. Frito is known for taking on different ventures and excelling in them. In early 2012 he teamed up with his longtime friend to bring their childhood dream of a clothing line to life. Twisted Gathering is a combination of two unique clothing lines for males, females,and children. The male line Twisted Dynasty is a chaotic bind of the two men’s fashion sense into one. Bringing forth a dynasty of fashionable men’s clothing. “If its twisted its a fantasy” is the motto for Twisted fantasy the fashionable female version of the line that comes with an urban twist on women’s clothing. The goal of this line is to see people represent their inner chaos through clothing. There are many ways to be an artist and one of those ways is through clothing. Twisted Gathering clothing that is. Supporting this line not only helps your wardrobe, it helps the community as well. Profits from the line have been donated to help out with local community events and to special drives to help the hurricane relief in Haiti. Be fashionable, artistic, chaotic, all in one. Be twisted with Twisted Gathering.

SHOP is located at 99 NW 183rd st Miami Garden FL 33169 suite 102B Miami Garden office center or you may contact him on Twitter @ MRCLEAN81.

His designs are supper official and you can also put in customize orders. I love seeing people build with their business and that’s what Frito is doing. Check him out and put in orders.






MindLess Images (Rizzy)

I had the privilege of speaking with Brandon who is the creator of Mindless images. Mindless images is a logo & design company, they design everything from business logo’s, clothing designs, tattoos, paintings & websites. I’ve seen his work and trust me it is remarkable ! I asked Brandon, “how did you start? And why?” He said, “I started the company around March of 2013 with just me a pad and a pencil staff grew later on when it was affordable. I’ve always had people in my ear telling me I should do something with my ability to draw but I always blew it off due to me doing music and I wasn’t mentally prepared. A few things changed in my life far as personal issues with family and my income wasn’t as good as it use to be So instead of just thinking negative and going back to the streets risking my life and freedom by doing something stupid. I just sat and thought of something different and unique created a lane for myself doing something that I knew no one was doing at the time with the help of my friends Phaze3, Aye R. & Carmen Storm I came up with the idea “Mindless Images” and I haven’t looked back since!” And seriously who can’t relate to that? It’s good seeing young men making positive changes in their life. He’s making a way for a great future. I asked Brandon what makes him and his brand different from others… He said, “I try to stay in my own lane first off to make sure I’m not compared to anyone. I’m original with my craft I try to stay 10 steps ahead of the next person to make sure I’m giving you something different that no one will think of with my ideas. Seem like I’ve been doing good at it! Lol.” And I agree! He was the first person I thought of when I needed a design for my business. It wasn’t just because I knew his work was great but because Mindless images is different. When creating something like Mindless Images we should all create goals. I asked him what was his ultimate goal. He said, “To be successful. To make a mark in history like “Basquiat” with everything I do and put my hands on. Taking my company and building it into something great!” Long as he stays consistent and work on his craft he can do that. I believe that he will take it to the next level. My last question for Brandon was, “What do you want people to know about Mindless Images?” He said, “We’re very passionate when it comes to the work we do. I put blood sweat & tears in every project. We’re very fast at what we do I aim to please, make sure I bring your dreams & vision to life. I take my job serious I don’t look at other individuals as jus a client but more so as a business partner, because I believe in anyone working hard at something.” I honestly can’t wait to see all the good coming his way. He is a handsome talented young man. You can contact him and check out his work: His Facebook is Brandon Ramey also on Instagram @ both @1rizzy & @mindlessimages all contact info is in the bio. I really enjoyed speaking with him make sure you check him out!