I Create My Reality !

Today is my 1 year anniversary for my blogs. I am extremely proud of myself. Not going to lie when I first started writing I did not think I would get so much support. I’m in love with what I do…Inspire. I read my stats for my blog at least once a week. My blog is being viewed not only in the U.S but out of the country as well. I would not have ever thought. Not many people have the proper guidance when following their dreams. So I believe that’s my job. It all started with me watching a video called, “The Secret.” Changed my life for ever! Check it out on YouTube if you’ve never seen it. I learned a lot about The Secret and I applied it. I visualized my life the way I want it to be and I’m seeing beautiful change. You have to be willing to change the way you think. Positivity is key! Not going to lie I don’t go a day without hearing something negative about myself. If I cared what people thought about me I would not be in the position I’m in. I have power over myself. I don’t let a negative thought enter my mind. I create my reality with my thoughts and actions. If I see it in my head and I want it I will get it! My blogs created a great path for me. Not only am I inspiring others but I am inspiring myself to go harder. I have a big project in the works and the announcement will be made on Christmas. With everything going on in my life I try to stay as humble as possible. It is a little hard for me because I come from a place full of negativity. So when I see myself doing great I want to talk about it. I make power moves and I cannot see why people can be mad at that when they can be doing the same thing. We all are meant to be great! When creating your reality you have to be willing to first decide what you want. Start writing things down and most importantly…visualize. If you see yourself in a great position that’s where you will be. You have to believe and stop letting what others say take over your life. I can say these things because I’m a witness. My life is changing dramatically. You all only see a little from social networks but behind the scenes I’m grinding heavy. My hard work is paying off and you will see that. I’m not afraid to take risk, I act immediately. I go with my gut feeling. I will be great…excuse me…I am great! I create my reality through speaking things into existence. Try it! You will not be disappointed. I feel so amazing and I just want everybody to have this feeling. And than those negative people say “she act like life so easy, she doing this and that, how you think you can inspire me?” Sorry to break it to you but life is meant to be great. It all depends on you. You create your reality and it’s just that simple. Watch The Secret, read The Secret… When I think about life I put pictures in my head and how it should be. I stick with those pictures to create my day and days ahead. It works! I have came such a long way. My mindset is on another level. Did I tell y’all I was only 20? Yeah it’s something to be happy about. If I don’t inspire you now I bet you by the time I am 25 you will follow every step I made to get where ill be. Your time is now! Ask, Believe, Receive! Take action! Take Risk! History in the making! Thanks for all of the support!


Free Album (DC3) !

We’ve all been waiting on DC3 ! It’s here and I must say it’s a free album. I did not skip one track. Hearing the little snippets Meek Mill posted on his Instagram got me extremely excited to hear “Make Me.” We all have haters and most of us let our haters determine how we feel. That could be a good thing if we let what they say make us go harder. The song Make Me makes me feel like I’m in a position of Power. The song actually pushed me to go on with a new project that is now in full effect. I call DC3 my motivation mixtape. Diddy and Birdman appeared on the mixtape. Talking they stuff! They can do that because they worked hard for what they have. Don’t hate just work harder to get to where you want to be. It’s great to see Omelly featured on a couple songs. I knew he was in the studio going hard and the end result…amazing! The Lil Snupe Skit hit me hard. He was so talented and I hate that he had to leave so soon. I’m glad that Meek included the skit on the mixtape. Right now I’m hearing a lot of people talk about the track “Heaven or Hell.” I love it ! Guordan’s soulful voice really reels you in, and hearing Jadakiss come in…FIRE! At first Meek postponed the release of DC3 but he did it so it would be exactly how he wanted it. I know what it takes to put something great together…it’s hard work and dedication. Meek is so dedicated and hungry he spends most of his time in the studio. If you want something you got to go get it! I feel that it’s dumb for people to hate on someone for sharing their joys. Once before he did not have anything now because of hard work he has what he thought he would never have. After seeing how hard Meek went for DC3, from studio snippets to listening to it I’m proud to say he should be beyond proud of hisself. Work hard to get what you want. Dream Chasers never sleep! #DC3