When I think about power so many things come to mind. We have so much power but we don’t use it. Why don’t we use it? Because we don’t know how powerful we are. We! You and I are the creators of our lives, our worlds. We must understand the power we have in order to live the life we want to live. When you understand the power you have the feeling cannot be described. It’s like nothing can get in your way. You feel as if you’re the best. And you feel like that because you have the power to create that feeling. Power is the process and end result of creation. We decide what we want…set goals…put in work…receive. Ask, Believe and Receive! You have the power to be successful in whatever it is that you want. And if you believe that you are the most powerful, nothing can get you down. Why? Because if you have power you have power over yourself. You have power over your thoughts, feelings, actions, everything ! Power will put you at a higher level than others because most people fear being a leader. They won’t say that but it’s because of their lack of strength. What I mean by that is a person who lets their past determine their present and future, a person that can’t move forward, a negative mind. People like that don’t let what they go through better them as a person they let the situations bring them down. Why? Because they don’t understand how much power they have! I have a monthly test for you all. Every morning you wake up say thank you for all the things you are thankful for. Everyday ! Visualize how you want your day to go. Everyday ! Give! Think positive do not allow a negative thought to come into your mind. Make it a habit. Your life will change in that one month. All because of your power to create.


How You Gone Judge Me? (RUGS)

What kills me is a person hating on someone that’s doing better than them. How can you hate on someone that’s doing great in life? How can you hate on someone that is happy? I’ve been following this guy on Instagram for a while now. I call him Rugs but his Instagram name is mrrugs_. His pictures motivate me. When I see someone that is happy I want to know more about them. Maybe they could give me tips in life how to be better. I saw a couple people talking negative about him and I’m thinking in my head like they don’t even know him personally. They just saying what they heard or what they think. People hate on him because he’s living a great life. I had the privilege of speaking with Rugs. I asked him a few questions. He was born in Brooklyn NY 10/29/84. Rugs is a Brand Ambassador “Dusse” / promoter. Dusse is Jay-Z’s liquor. My new favorite drink if I may add. I wanted to know a little more about Rugs not just about “Dusse” so I asked him, “Whats the hardest thing you ever been through?” He replied, “My brothers passing.” I know it’s hard to get through a situation like that. Especially if it’s someone as close as a brother. I couldn’t even imagine but I know that Rugs is strong…Since it’s so many people who clearly want to be like Rugs I asked him about the advice he would give to those trying to live the life he lives. He said, “Do what you love, stick to what makes you happy, everything will fall into place.” Who can be mad at that? Great advice! In fact I use this everyday. I noticed that some people cannot deal with the negative things said about them so I asked Rugs how does he do it. He responded, “I ignore most of it. My reputation stems from my childhood antics. I was reckless yeah, I admit that. I’ve learned to choose my battles and respond appropriately…but I am not about provoking shit anymore. I am maturing.” Sounds good to me. If you’re someone out there that has trouble dealing with the hate or negativity the best thing to do is teach yourself to ignore it or use it as motivation. I choose to do both. People we have to do better. If we want to make it to that next level in life we have to stop putting each other down. Lets be happy in what we do and get money. Thanks to Rugs I am on the right track and I am doing what I love and I am the best at it! And for those talking negative about me I really ain’t hearing it ! Rugs next big event is his All Black Affair 10/29/13. Yess I will definitely be there! Make sure you’re sipping right #dusselife.




Consistency is Key !

When I say consistency I mean consistency with everything. Relationships, dreams, exercise, positive thinking, working, your drive, your hunger and so much more. Lets work on being consistent. I noticed that I would say like I have no consistency or something like that. I didn’t feel as if I had consistency therefore I didn’t have it. You have to first feel and believe that you have everything you want. When chasing a dream you have to have consistent hunger. The more hungry you are the harder you will work and the faster you’ll see results. In a relationship you have to be consistent. Consistent communication, dates, travel, sex, checkups…etc. If you are exercising you have to stay consistent with your workout routine if you want to see results. Stay consistent with positive thinking. Your positive thinking will change your life. If you erase all those negative thoughts and stay consistent with those positive ones you will see a drastic change in your life…No worries! Consistency is key with making great things happen!

Let’s Talk About Change…

When I say change I mean it’s time to change for the better. First time somebody hear the word change they get offensive. People have the idea that change is bad. They’re stuck in society and what society thinks. They say…ohhhh no I’m not going to change I’m going to be me. I just think like, you all are missing the whole meaning of change. I’m not saying not be you or be somebody else. I’m saying…Be Better! We all have the ability to be better. Don’t be afraid to change, just do it! I’m sure that you get tired of the same results. That is because you are doing the same things. Try something new, try something bigger than the usual. Think bigger, better! You will see results that will shock you. Change is very important when getting the things you want and need in life. I mean, really think about this. Change is what you want to see in the world right? So you first have to seek it within. Believe in your ability to change for the better. And you will have the power to change anything.

Starfest !!!!

August 31, 2013 changed my life! August 1st I heard about a concert called Starfest. Which featured many Hip Hop artist. Including one of my favorite artist Meek Mill. My first thought, I have to go to this event. I came to the Instagram of the person over the concert and promoting it. His name is Frankie! My first instinct was to email him and ask If I could do a blog. He called me a week later. I was so excited and I could not wait to send off my blog questions. I sent my blog questions off August 6th. On my blog I would usually just post the interview I did but it’s different this time. I had the opportunity to work with the hardest working man I know…Frankie. From the moment I walked into the Yankee Stadium I could not wipe the smile off my face. Frankie got me my wristband and it took off from their. I followed him everywhere he went. I did not leave his site. I felt so good because we had our own security. Lol!…I saw something in Frank that I have not seen in anybody else. He showed love to everyone. He put so much into this show and for it to be his first one it was epic. Frankie has a great heart, actually big enough to share with the world. I could feel it in my bones the whole time I was with him. Frank made history! It has never ever been all those artist together at a stadium. I believe Frankie has the ability to do anything he wants to. He is the most powerful man I have met. No I’m not saying this to butter him up I’m saying this because I actually watched this mans every move. I stood by his side for 12 hours straight. He showed me a new path to making my dreams reality. Hard work is definitely important. You have to set goals, be determined and get the job done. And if you first fail in what you want to do go again! You learned from that experience and you can do better. No excuses! Just do it! Frankie took a risk. He put a lot of money into his first show, big venue, popping artist. So amazing ! Who really has the balls to do such a thing? Lol Frank! I’m so proud of him. I cannot wait in till his next big thing. One thing I do want to share with you all, I asked Frankie about the advice he can give to those trying to follow in his footsteps. He said “Be brave! And if you believe in something it will happen.” I will always remember this. I will be brave in everything I do because of Frankie. He answered this question August 6th which was before Starfest. I believed that I would go to starfest, be able to be up close with the artist, and guess where I was ? On stage with the artist! Just because I took Frankie’s advice. He changed me in 12 hours to a better person. I look up to Frankie and I cannot wait to work with him again. Follow him on Instagram frankie_dealz. My favorite guy! Thanks Frankie!