Dreams Do Come True !

People doubt theirselves everyday. They begin to follow their dreams than get discouraged. It shouldn’t be that way…I had the privilege of speaking with Isaiah Williams ( Zay ). He was born in North Philly, 24th and Somerset to be exact. He is 23 years old and now the Co-Author of Meek Mills book (Tony Story), comes out May 1st. I asked Zay about his past and if it was hard, him growing up? He said, “Growing up was rough for me without a father, and a single mother. She tried her hardest to raise us on her own but times get hard. With no father figure around to give me guidance I was the youngest child but I felt the need to be the man of the house at a young age. I was in and out of jail as a teenager. I fell victim to the fast life very young because I didn’t know any better. Selling drugs, robbing drug dealers were the only ways I thought I could make an income. In 2007 I got locked up for pulling a gun out on an undercover cop. The beginning of my jail bid I got into a lot of trouble not caring about life just running around reckless. The whole time I had a praying mom that had faith in me. After serving 2 years my thought process started to change. I wanted to be more than just a “hood nigga”. My life meant more to me than that so I sat down with my counselor while I was locked up at North central secure treatment unit. We came up with a plan to get me out and start a new life in the world. I decided to take my GED when I did I passed it with flying colors. My instructor saw more in me than I saw in myself so he came to me about taking my SAT’s. I really didn’t want to take them but he insisted, so I stayed in my cell worked on the pre-test day in and day out. We worked together for a strong month until it was time for the real test. When it was time to take the real test I was nervous but I was confident. The instructor promised me that I would get into college. Of course I didn’t believe this old white man even tho we became close friends. It was just unreal to me. While I was in jail I had to see my judge for a review and surprisingly my instructor came in. I was shocked because I didn’t know what he was about to say. First thing he said was “Isaiah and I are great friends and he is very smart.” I couldn’t believe that someone of his caliber was speaking so highly of me. Next thing he mentioned was that, he was a professor at Bloomsburg University and I will be accepted this up and coming summer semester if I was released. I sat at the table with my palms sweating and very confident about myself. That was the day I decided to change my life because if this complete stranger had faith in me then my life is worth much more than what I was experiencing. The judge was in silence for a while then he spoke “Isaiah I am very proud of you. This is the first positive thing I heard about you in 2 1/2 years. I’m impressed and I’m going to give you another chance. You will be discharged in 30 days.” I couldn’t believe it! And in 30 days I was released and attended Bloomsburg university that summer.” When he said this my eyes instantly watered. Everybody has a story. But to be able to overcome your past is big. Zay’s strength is remarkable. He inspired me to believe in myself and go forward with my dreams. When following your dreams you have to be strong. You have to learn to cancel out the negativity around you. I asked Zay, “what was the hardest thing you had to go through?” He said, “The hardest situation I ever experienced was losing my brother, my bestfriend. We did everything together he was like my shadow. When I saw him in that casket I knew he wanted nothing but the best for me. Showed me that life is precious. I wasn’t just living for myself I was living for my son and my brothers name. My son brought me through it because he was born 6 months after my brothers death. My first promise to my son was that I was going to be his role model. I changed my life so he can know their are greater things in life than just fast money and material things.” It’s so crazy how things happen. Zay lost someone important and gained someone important to him. His son. His brothers death and his son’s birth gave him that extra push. These are life changing situations. They can make you or break you! If you’re weak you will be broken. So don’t be! Zay is getting really far so I asked him where does he see himself in the next year? He said, “In the next year I see myself as one of the youngest authors up and coming. I also would like to write movies as well so that’s something I’m pursing also.” I believe in him. Long as you have a vision and take steps to get it, you got it! What I like about Zay is he believes in himself. To me that’s an important key to success. As I mentioned earlier Zay is the Co-Author of Tony Story. I asked if he would tell us a little about it. “Tony Story the novel as you all know or if you don’t its from Meek Mill song “tony story pt. 1 and 2″ it has a crazy spin to it and explains the different obstacles Tony, Ty, LB and Paulie experienced. Everyone wanted to revenge the death of their lost one and still get money in the mean time. It’s a real good read and will be in stores May 1st on Amazon.com and GSTREETCHRONICLES.COM.” If you think about where Zay came from to where he is now…it’s amazing! He’s very dedicated. Since their are so many people who doubt theirselves I asked him to give everyone advice on why you shouldn’t quit. “My advice to people who feel like giving up on their dreams, don’t do it! I had a passion for writing since I was a child but I didn’t take full advantage of my gift until last year. All throughout my life people told me I wouldn’t amount to shit. At one point of my life I started to believe them. That’s when I noticed my mom had faith in me regardless. I believed in God and then I started to believe in myself. Meek Mill gave me the opportunity to pursue my dream and now I’m here.” Their are many messages here. But most importantly Dreams Do Come True. No matter what or where you come from, anything is possible. I am extremely proud of Zay and I know he will have everything he ever wanted. Everybody has the power to go as far as they want in life. Start making positive changes and you will see positive results. Today Zay is my example and he is a inspiration to me.


By Any Means Necessary !

My first Hip Hop Blog. Well first blog based on an artist. I went to Atlanta last week and had the privilege of speaking with Lil Trill which is the youngest artist of Trill Entertainment. Lil Trill was born in Louisiana May 18, 1994. Conversations we had I wouldn’t have ever guessed he was so young. He learned a lot at a young age. The minute he walked through the door I could sense the type of guy he was. He’s very blunt! Confident…not afraid. Oh and you cannot tell him nothing! I asked him what his sign was and he said a Taurus. : ) Those Taurus are something else! But they’re great at the same time. Many people have heard Lil Trill on rappers Webbie and Boosie songs. But he has music of his own. In fact his latest mixtape is called “By Any Means Necessary.” Check it out when you get a chance. The Title speaks for itself… Sometimes you know you can feel someone else’s pain? Sometimes we go through things we don’t want too. I asked Lil Trill what was the hardest thing he had to go through and he said losing his brother Phat. Touches me because I know I would go crazy if I lost someone close to me. It’s a process. Trying to cope with a death. But in due time he will be at peace. Right now Lil Trill is taking it day by day. I know he will get through it because he is a strong man. Yeah I said it, MAN! To me age doesn’t define much anymore. He’s been through more than your average 35 year old male. And still he remains strong and humble. If you want to make it in this world that’s the way you have to be. My respect for Lil Trill is at an ultimate high because he hasn’t given up. I could write about all the bad things he’s been through but it would be pointless because he’s moving forward, and ahead all he sees is a lifetime of success. I asked him, “what would be your advice for those trying to make it in the music industry?” He said, “For those Who wanna rap, sing or have anything to do with the music business period. It’s alotta ups and downs but you just gotta know how to deal with it. Keep faith in ya self forget what anyone else has to say. Just practice , practice , practice cause practice makes PERFECT !” His exact words! Take it in people. This is coming from a guy who is actually taking steps to get it. Time is ticking and your wasting it by not going for what you want. Lil Trill see’s himself making 10x more next year than what he made this year. I believe he can do it. That’s with anything tho. If you say you want something, to get it all you have to do is speak it into existence and take steps to get it. By Any Means Necessary is not just a title. To me it means regardless of what goes on negative you will remain positive and still go get it. Absolutely nothing can get in your way. Which is why I believe in Lil Trill so much because I know he gone get it! I’m signing out by telling you all that now is your time. Do what you love and love what you do!