Is it Your Family?

I can relate to this topic so much. We don’t understand when are family talks down on us. We don’t get it when they want us to follow a different career path. You have to learn to think and act for yourself. If you are trying to make it further in life you have to block out negativity. I don’t care if its your mother or father if its negative, block it! In most situations your family just don’t want to see you make mistakes they’ve made. They do not want to see you struggle. In some cases family want to live their life through you because they didn’t get a chance to do half of what you’re doing. It just depends. But still no one can get you down but yourself. You have to be strong! If you feel your family is bringing you down, do what they’re saying you can’t do. Show them that you are capable. In my situation I just want to dance. I want to have my own dance company. I have no family support. I’m talked down on. Yet I am still taking steps to get what I want. Their opinion doesn’t matter. They want me to be a doctor or dentist. That’s not what I want to be. I would be unhappy. And then they say sometimes you got to do what you don’t want to do. No! People! If it doesn’t make you happy if its not from the heart, don’t do it! Don’t let their negativity make a decision for you. You have to be the one with the power. Lift your head, move forward ! Your future is in your hands, no one else.


2013 Create Your Reality !

Wow, we’re finally here. 2013! I heard that for most 2012 was a bad year for them. 2013 doesn’t have to be that way. In my last blog I wrote about the secret too life. If you haven’t read it make sure you do. Everything we go through, negative and positive we attract into our life. If you think it and keep thinking it, it will happen. If you think about what you don’t want, you will have it. This year I want you all to use law of attraction. If you want something no matter what it is, money, no worries, own a house or even happiness ! To attract it into your life and create your reality you have to speak and think as if you already have it. For example: I am so happy I have this beautiful home or I’m so happy I hit the lotto for 60,000. When using law of attraction it will change your whole attitude and the way you look at life. You will become positive in any and every situation. I want everybody to be successful and in order for us to all be that way you have to first figure out what it is that you want. Figure it out, claim it! Once you claim it, you own it!!!!! Think it, become it! If you’re in a situation and you’re thinking all negative thoughts, do you think you’ll have a positive outcome? No! You’ll be upset. That can be prevented by staying positive and imagining how the situation should end. Law of attraction is the best thing that has ever happened too me. My life is changing dramatically. I am worry free. I am happy. Everyday I am creating my reality. Every morning I wake up and write on a piece a paper, I am happy that I have my dance studio I am happy I have the finances too keep it up. I write it down as if I already have it. I am attracting it into my life. Your days of worry are over! Stop! Ask, believe and you will receive. 😀