The Secret to Life.

For about 4 months I’ve been living worry free. Took me a while to get to this point I’m at now, but I’m here to stay. Don’t you want to be worry free? Are you tired of being down all the time? It all can change it just starts with you. Absolutely nothing can bring me down. I’ve noticed that ever since I’ve been being positive that good things are happening for me. All good things. I watched this video and it showed me why. I now know the secret to life. You will too. I want you all to watch this video it will change your life. Please watch this video it will inspire you


Do You Think its Right to Judge Someone because of their Religion?

To most people religion is a touchy subject. But it shouldn’t bother you at all. For those who believe in Jesus Christ, if someone was to say…I don’t believe in God I believe in…whatever they believe in, you would most likely feel some type of way. You would maybe even want to question them and ask why. Their are many religions in the world. You have no reason to judge someone because of their religion. Why? Because in most cases that’s what they are born into. If they grew up in a home with a religion most likely that will be what they believe in. I met a guy at my job. He was so sweet. Very nice and respectful. We were talking about religion he told me he didn’t believe in any God but that he did believe in heaven and Hell. He said in his religion if you’re fighting for something rather it be for a family member or any battle that you will go to a higher heaven. If you die of natural causes you’ll be in a different heaven. He said it was what his family believed in he was born into it. He showed me his tattoos I could tell he was very passionate about it. I didn’t judge him because I knew he was a great person. Rather if you believe in what someone’s religion is or not you shouldn’t judge. Their is always a story behind it. : )