Pride can Kill !

I should have wrote about this long ago. The city I’m from which is Dayton, Ohio, people are killing each other left and right. Fighting every time they see each other. But for what though? Men are letting their pride take control of them. Everything negative that happens can be prevented. If fellas fight they pride and not their enemy…and that line should mean something to yall. Example: A group a guys get into it with another group, whatever the situation may be the other group a guys talking and thinking like I ain’t no sucka or a punk…but at the same time aren’t thinking about where their pride is getting ready to take them. Hurtful words being said back and forth…threats! And then its down hill from here…I’m gone pop you! We got this we got that. Pause…you let negativity bring you to this point. With no words left to say killing comes in to play. At that point that persons pride takes control of him. Now I really got to pop him cause I said it and can’t be looking like a punk. Is what the guy thinks in his head. May not be those exact words but close to it. Too many men aren’t being man enough. How can you be a man if you letting something control you. Your pride can kill you mentally, emotionally and physically. I believe that we should all change. Fellas you have the power to control yourself you are strong. What somebody says negative about you should not take you to another level. Some people feel they are less of a man if a negative situation is not taken care of. Pride! A man’s pride definition of getting something taken care of ends up being tragic. If you kill somebody do you think anything good will come to you? Do you even care? I understand if you lived a hard life and you just don’t care. But that could be different. Change your life now become the person you always wanted to be. It’s not to late. Your life ain’t as bad as the person standing right next to you. Don’t make an excuse just stop letting pride be the main control of your life. It’s not worth it. Your going to be in the same spot your whole life if you continue to let negativity bring you down and pride take you even further. Make that change in your life be in control of yourself.


Your First Instinct !

Take a risk with your first instinct. Usually we second guess ourselves. In our head we say Naaaa that won’t work or something of that nature. When really your first instinct is usually the best. So why not take that risk. Just do it! It will get you far. But you cannot be afraid to take a risk, and that’s with anything. : )

What do you get out of That?

Not going to lie but I’m going to be everywhere on this blog but I will leave you with a message. Actually two messages….  A question we all want to know. What do you get out of talking about someone bad and negative? Do you get money? Do you get fame? Do you do it so much you don’t even realize you’re doing it? Their is not a day I go without hearing something negative about myself. Bad thing about it is the person that’s talking negative about me is always in my face. They are always Geeking when they see me. The person I am I don’t care how bad you talk about me it will not get to me. Please everyone that is reading this don’t ever let what somebody says negative about you get you down. EVER! I don’t care what it is! If you let that negativity take over you that means they have power over you. You have power over your emotions you have power over yourself. In this case don’t be weak. But for the person that’s reading this and you’re the person always talking about someone negatively and than act soo excited when you see them. Ask yourself, what are you getting out of talking about someone in a bad way. Think about it. NOTHING! That’s time you’re wasting and you can be 10 steps ahead. In all honesty they’re prolly not even thinking about you. But you are steady talking negative about them. Just don’t do it! Your focus should be you. Don’t waste your time talking down on someone it just shows the type of person you are. I wrote this today because their are to many people having 1-2 hour negative conversations about someone when they aren’t hired to do so. Just saying it is dumb and its a waste of time when you can be doing something productive. I also wrote this because those positive people are letting the negativity get to them. DON’T ! Who cares what they say. So what! Do you! Maybe you have made mistakes but if you’re taking steps to become a better person why care what they say. You got the power. Stay positive and keep it pushing !

Just Appreciate it !

Be grateful! Stop complaining! Be happy! I’m not saying don’t wish for more what I’m saying is appreciate what you have. I don’t think we look at the bigger picture. We complain about the smallest things. Their are people in this world that have close to NOTHING! Their are people who’s shoes you couldn’t even step in. Yet we complain about what we don’t have. If it was up to me ill give everything I have to someone who has nothing. When you do things like that your true happiness comes along. Try it!… I bet if you were to look up how people have to live outside of the U.S you would definitely stop complaining. They don’t really have a choice they have to follow the rules. We have it good. Be appreciative at all times! If you’re not it causes a negative vibe and than you’re unhappy when you don’t have to be. I’m telling the truth. Just do it!