Why are you Being so Weak?!?

Why be weak when you can be strong? Why be down when you can stay up? When something bad happens in your life your heart automatically tells you to mourn it tells you to be down. But do you really have too? Maybe for a little while but not long. Your mind controls all, not your heart. You do not have to be weak! Tell that to yourself. Everything negative you go through is to build your strength. It may be building your strength for something bigger that will happen or just making you stronger as a person. Whatever the case may be you have to mentally prepare yourself for any situation. Being weak won’t do anything but bring you down. If you are going through something and you feel it is never ending that’s not true. It’s a process from beginning to end you are building your strength. You are strong! Do not let the situation overpower you. If you do, that is a sign of weakness. We are all capable of getting through things. Don’t be weak I promise you will fight through every problem you come across. You will not be weak! You will be stronger than before! : )


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