The hardest decision you will have to make…

I could go on and on with this topic. We have to make hard decisions just about everyday. I’m going to choose 1 hardest decision you’ll have to make though. That is forgiving someone. Most people hold grudges. Some just don’t know how to forgive and move forward. Some people are so hurt by what the other person did that they’re not even thinking about forgiving them. You will not be at peace if you do not forgive. No matter if the situation is at level one or ten you have to learn to forgive. If you feel you need a understanding of the situation talk with the person. If you and the person aren’t talking that is fine too. Still your job is to forgive them and move forward. How can I say it like it’s so easy? It is! Would you rather worry or have power? Worrying yourself about the situation will only bring you down. The other person is moving forward because they already realized their mistake and they’re making corrections in their life. But you will have the power if you forgive and move forward. So make it a easy decision! Choose to forgive. Be at peace and have absolutely no worries. : )


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