imageimageimageimageI want to introduce you all to the handsome and creative Rahlou who goes by Lougotcash. He is a 18 year old rapper from South Jamaica, Queens. He moved to Warner Robins, Georgia in 2010 with his father. He was inspired to rap because of his Mother and Father. His father who I’m sure you’re familiar with 😊 “Pretty Lou” from the Lost Boyz. His inspiration also came from wanting to get out of the hood, death and incarceration of childhood friends. We all go through things that make us want to do more or be better. This is where Rahlou began making a way for himself. He returned to Queens, Ny March 28, 2016 where his music had began to expand after a hit single “Pipe down” ft Bizz Gotti recorded in platinum sounds studios. This song is going crazy right now! Power 105.1 DJ self has the single “pipe down” in rotation. So if you’re in New York don’t be surprised if you turn on the radio and hear this dope track. His Instagram, Soundcloud and Spinrilla is Lougotcash. He has a new mixtape titled LounitedStatesofAmerica. I would not send you all in the wrong direction. Go listen now! Lougotcash is consistent with his music. He is inspired by the artist Meek Mill and Lil Durk. They inspire him the most because they really came from nothing he feels like they speak for him at times. Recently Lougotcash attended club Aces where Meek Mill was hosting. Meek asked for a LounitedStatesofAmerica CD. If that isn’t an amazing start I’m not sure what is. Rahlou is definitely going places. He works hard. This is something he is passionate about. His mission is to stay focused, create dope music, and inspire upcoming rappers. I can tell you right now his music will play in your head all day. As I’m writing this I can hear his song Pipe Down in my head. 😊 Check Lougotcash out now! 


The Process…

Imagine working hard for something you’ve always wanted and it vanished. Not vanished in reality but in your mind. See this is where we mess up because if one thing goes wrong we think it’s over completely. Um it’s not! I want to share a story with you all. I will keep it short and straight to the point… My book titled “I Was Being Realistic” was done beginning of last year. It was set to be released April 2014. I put my heart into this book. It’s a piece of me. I had someone invest in it and it was a deal gone bad. You know they said they would do this and that they were not meeting deadlines it was a total screw up. In the mist of things all my books were destroyed and my final draft file had been deleted. I felt so miserable, depressed. Even though the book wasn’t the only thing I was working on it was my introduction to the business world. You know I started to eat a lot gained 20 pounds I was loosing myself. You may think it’s not a big deal but working so hard for something and it’s taken away from you hurts. After a month I knew it was time I pull myself together. I started with watching The Secret again. Make sure you watch it, it’s on Netflix. Then watching Eric Thomas and other motivational videos. At first in my mind my dreams had vanished but I changed my thoughts back positive. I imagined in my mind getting shit done! I took the proper steps. I’m going to be honest I hate working for people. But I realized I needed to invest in myself. I got a factory job only took $50 out every week for myself, gas, food etc. The rest I put away. I did this for a whole year never told a soul. I worked hella overtime my lowest check was $655. In the process I would come home and work on my book and try and come up with ideas for additional income. One which I cannot speak on but it will be in my book Chapter 9. 😊! My energy started to get so crazy I was ready to go to work and get off and beat on my craft. Obviously I rewrote my book which is now 10 times better. I decided to do self publishing with help from some colleagues. My official release date is July 27th 2016. If you keep that dream in your mind. If you visualize things how you want them to be. If you work hard. If you invest in yourself. If the frequency matches those positive thoughts you’re unstoppable. You’re extremely powerful and anything is possible. I’m excited for you all to see everything I have coming. It’s well overdue but it’s my time. I’m only 22 ! Millionaire by 25 ! My parents will be retired by the time I’m 30. I’m doing this for me. ❤️

To Be Honest…

To be honest nobody really knows the real me. My past situations made me this great person I am today. Sounds crazy but I love the struggle. I think about things I’ve been through and I’m like wow you been through that? You know I listen to my friends and others pain and in my mind I’m like that’s it? That’s nothing! At the same time pain is pain. Everybody handles it different. Crying, suicide, fighting, etc! What is the right way? I mean I can’t really tell you that but I’ll tell you my way that has me still standing. I’ve said it plenty of times these bad things that are happening are happening to build your strength. No matter how great things may seem no life is perfect. Well it really is perfect if you look at it my way but bad things will happen. These bad things are preparing you for great things. I hear people say well bad things keep happening like theirs no grace period. Bad things keep happening because you aren’t learning or growing from the situation. Every “Bad Thing” is to test your strength. If you aren’t getting better which you should be the test will reappear. Everything really does happen for a reason mainly to open your eyes to new possibilities. If you actually knew events that occurred in my life you’d wonder how I’m still standing (which you will in my book that comes out July 27, 2016). Everything improves my growth. I’m always learning always growing. My first message here is to tell you to man tf up! Be stronger! Everybody seems weak these days. Like why let a woman or man define you? Your power is that no one else is like you use it to your advantage people. But I’m not done ☝️. To be honest I’m confused on why people watch others live their dream and they aren’t doing anything to make theirs happen. People think I tell others to quit their 9-5 im not saying that. Working any job is fine. Especially when you’re working the job to build your brand or to live the life you imagine. But to work to just pay bills no! Our purpose is to serve our purpose. I think everyone has a gift and its your desicion to figure out what it is. I recommend you learn all you can read books watch motivational videos look up someone who’s done great in your area of interest. I recommend everybody read Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I recommend you all to watch The Secret full movie on YouTube. These things changed my life forever. Am I perfect? Hell no! I go through bs all the time but I just know how to deal with it. I’m not worried about things people say about me. Why are you? My life goal is to live the life I imagine. If you have the mindset that it’s possible you will make it happen period! Serve your purpose!…To Be Continued… 

Who Cares What They Think (Part1)

It’s somebody for everybody or is everybody for everybody take my girl to dinner or show my pride at a party so stuck on what everybody has to say only giving 50 when she’s giving 100% everyday I know the right thing to do but my niggas and the Otha chicks saying something too she a hoe she did this she not for you my girl saying niggas tried but couldn’t get through my girl said chicks just mad truth be told my girl is bad 😏 she has style, energy and vibe that can’t be describe the good outweighs the bad I know she down to ride when we aren’t together I’m back to ol me being the guy Otha chicks like to see my past and generation messed me up I like to go to the club show my money get me a chick and bust a nut I think to myself who am I really doing this for? Trying to impress other niggas when I should want more. Really think about it that’s what we do but its boss chicks out there that look at us like fools. My girl sees that I can be better I’m only thinking about right now she thinking about forever she gone be the one to help me get to the next level and shake this crazy generation Devils as men we should stand up I mean man up cause this life we living full of pride its something made up somebody lied work hard, get money, take care of your family and treat your woman right and I guarantee you won’t be worried and you’ll sleep well at night ! 

Vibe With Me…

It brings you peace no matter the circumstances. Gives you this feeling that you have unlimited chances. When you have it you can sense it wherever you go and people who are unaware are curious to know. Curious to know why you act the way you do why you look at people in their eyes when they’re standing next to you. How you know someones whole life by closing your eyes and walking pass how you see straight through them even with their happy mask. Meet someone with the same thing as you the connection will remain the soul is attained. This it this thing I’m talking about is VIBE I need it like air it keeps me alive. It’s good and bad vibes take your pick but from my vibe you can tell Im not your average chick. Vibing with me will change your life my energy will calm you and youll notice everythings alright. Vibe with me and you will see that those good vibes will put you exactly where you need to be.

Stay Consistent You’ll Get It! (DJ Homicide)

This man is everything! Im going to let him tell his story but first let me start by saying if you set a goal or you have dreams you have to be willing to keep going no matter whats thrown at you. Its going to get tough and usually when you are at your breaking point something amazing will happen for you. You have to be a beast! In the end it will all be worth it.
                                    FIRST DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT!

     My name is DJ Homicide, who comes from a tough place called Dayton, Ohio. When I say tough I’m not necessarily speaking about surroundings but more so attitude. Your own city is a great place to perfect your craft because it will be your toughest critic. It’s love but its a lot of hate. I have been deejaying for two and a half years and I’m unlike most deejays because I never had dreams of becoming a professional deejay. I went to college and played basketball so just like any other kid I believed I could make it to the NBA. Those dreams shortly lived and getting a degree was my only focus but those long nights brought me closer to music. But I always loved music. My mother would play different types of music when I was a child. Cleaning up together vibing to the beat. Just thinking about it helped me decided what I really wanted.

                                 THE START! VISION, HUSTLE…

     I’ll never forget how I started. I was chilling in my dorm with my teamates and I was saying I need to make some money. My pride wouldn’t let me call home and ask for it so I had to find a hustle. I always listened to DJ Drama, DJ Khaled but my fav DJ was off the movie Juice which was Q. I started to make my way around college saying if you throw a party I’ll deejay it for free oh and FREE caught everyones attention. Their was one problem,  I had no equipment.  So I literally was doing Frat and Sorority parties with an ipod but nobody ever noticed because they were two things, happy to be at a house party and very drunk. My name started buzzing. At my college and other colleges as well. So it happened! I got a call and was asked what was the price for me to DJ a party the rest was history. I saved up and bought some equipment. I feel in love with the art of deejaying and different techniques. After graduation I moved back to Dayton, Ohio. I could not find a job fit for me. Than I realized our purpose here is to serve our purpose, to do what we love. I tried to dj many places but all I kept hearing was NO. My uncle Kenlo has a bar called PCs Lounge and he gave me a shot. I started to build my confidence and really got in tune with it. My fan base grew with a combination of positive encouragement and criticism but it helped me get far. A friend of mines named Chloe introduced me to Rich Tha Kids manager Too Official. He gave me my first stamp on a bigger market because he made me a part of a DJ core called QCDJs which was a good look. It helped my name a lot and not just in Ohio but other places as well.

                                WHEN YOU’RE ALMOST THERE…

        Months of building the Homicide brand I started thinking bigger because not only was I doing this for me but my family as well. I did the unthinkable I took a huge risk I packed up and moved to Atlanta with my Aunt Timia. My aunt is very pivotal with critiquing my craft because she works in Clubs in Atlanta. Three weeks of going out and networking I got my first gig at a place called Palace. It went great but the promoter couldn’t get me hired due to his alliance with the house dj so I was back at square one. Running out of money and feeling like I had little or no support it was tough. I contemplated on going back to Ohio but my mom said that was silly but said that I should come visit and refocus so I did just that. I linked up with a Dj named All City who is from Dayton as well but lives in Florida. He had connects there so we went to two events together. One was a car show and the next event was the Welcome Home Lil Boosie concert. Both were huge events and he threw me in the fire by letting me Dj along with him. I will never forget that highly respected. Florida gave me a amazing feeling. It became home.

                               I CREATED MY REALITY!

Something was missing until I met Capo. Capo is the manager for MMG artist Young Breed who is a very dope artist who represents the hustle and capo figured it might be good if we figure out how we could all build. Many conversations and we would always end up at the same events and we finally got the ball rolling with Capo talking to Breed and he stamped it. I created my reality! I am now the official Dj for Young Breed. It still seems unreal but now it’s time for us to take the world by storm! I would love to say thank you to Nelle for letting me tell my story. Come take a look into my teams lifestyle

           INSTAGRAM: @Ybmmg (Young Breed)
                                      @capostatusent (Capo)

          TWITTER:        @YOUNGBREEDCCC
                                       @Jvonwatts         Follow us and join the movement!

I encourage you all to follow your bliss. Life does not have to be boring. It won’t be easy and you will fail but it will be worth it. Create your reailty.








What is Love Now Days?

What is love now days? Are people wrong for loving others in their own way? What happened to the love from years and years ago? I see my grandparents and all their love does is grow. People using the word with no meaning. Especially when they’re inside of a woman and she’s screaming. Love now days is just a word. And relationships are broken because of he say she say and I heard. What is love? Shouldn’t be different definitions. Some people say it’s a feeling and others just say it knowing somebody is listening. But why lead someone on when you have other intentions your meaning of love has another description. My strength enables me to love again after what I’ve been through because I know someone has the same definition as I do. Don’t miss out on the great feeling of love…the real thing and don’t you ever get confused with the truth and what it may seem. ❤️